Gender Affirming Mental Health

Gender Affirming Mental Health Assessments

Many of these gender-affirming interventions require a psychological or mental health assessment before a court or medical professional’s approval. Living Unapologetically 365 Counseling provides Gender-Affirming Mental Health Assessments to individuals seeking these legal or medical interventions. 

Assessments and letters are provided for the following purposes:

Affirmative Therapy is an approach to working with gender-diverse individuals, which affirms your gender identity and gender expression. Affirmative therapists understand that a person’s sexual orientation and gender identity cannot be changed and is not the root cause of their problems. 

Therapy intentionally explores your unique journey while providing support and respect without any preconceived notions or judgment. I have received training to provide Affirmative Therapy to individuals interested in exploring their gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, and sexual identity. 

Affirmative Therapists receive training to: