Ketamine Assisted Therapy

Living Unapologetically 365 is collaborating with Journey Clinical in Texas to provide the healing power of psychedelics and therapy.

What is Journey Clinical?

Journey Clinical is a platform for licensed psychotherapists to incorporate science-based psychedelic therapies in their practice safely and effectively, starting with Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP). 

Journey Clinical’s in-house medical team oversees patient eligibility, prescriptions and outcome monitoring. Their collaborative care model is designed to deliver personalized treatment plans to meet your individual needs and improve long-term outcomes. 

Phase 1 - Assessments and Intakes


Phase 2 - Preparation

Once you receive your ketamine lozenges, we will schedule time together for our KAP preparation, dosing and integration sessions. 

Preparation session(s) will be scheduled just like regular therapy sessions prior to the KAP dosing session. 

The goal of a preparation session(s) is to clarify the process and set intentions for our KAP sessions. 

Phase 3 - KAP Dosing Sessions


After our KAP dosing session: 

Follow-up consultations with 

Journey Clinical 

After our first KAP session:


Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy is an affordable, accessible modality. Although the medical intake and follow-ups are not covered by insurance, they are eligible for out-of-network reimbursement. 

Cost of Ketamine Lozenges

Range $25-70 for approximately 4-6 lozenges (not covered by insurance). 

The RDTs (Rapid Dissolving Tablets) are produced by a compounding pharmacy and mailed to you.



KAP Initial Intake, 1.5 hours - $250

KAP Prep Session, 1 hour - $200

KAP Dosing Session Check In, 1 hour - $200

KAP Dosing Session Remote, 3 hours - $480

KAP Integration Session, 1 hour - $200